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Social Media

Social media is more than just posting what is on your mind. It is a proven way to cultivate quality leads that convert to walk-in traffic and online sales for your business. Under-utilizing or not engaging with social media is a devastating effect you do not want to stumble upon.

Photon Motion Inc. offers content generation support and guidance in all major social media channels including Facebook and Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, SnapChat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Blogger, Vimeo, and much more.

Synchronizing these to your benefit requires an insight into how they function best during the days of the week and even the seasons of the year. Investing time and resources into these channels can be exhausting if done incorrectly, but can prove to be the most fruitful if used to their fullest potential. Have you taken a look into how you are handling your own social media?

Do You Have A Major Event You Want To Showcase?

If you have a major event like a trade-show or an in-store community class event you are offering, it is an added value to consider providing your clients with a memorable experience by providing on-site live social media telling the world about what everyone is experiencing and feeling. Photon Motion Inc. is able to provide it's clients with this service if desired. On-site photography and video production via mobile devices is included with this service.

Photon Motion Inc. Social Media Marketing

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